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When I began working with CK Financial Resources about 14 years ago, I was already a relatively successful saver and investor, and, in fact, teaching community financial education classes as part of my work. But I knew there was much I didn’t know, and I was searching not just for particular products, but for a larger, more coherent point of view. Kerry and Kirk’s Personal Financial Engineering approach introduced a big picture, holistic framework that made sense. I came to realize that although I strived to achieve diversification, and, by most standards, was diversified, my idea of diversification confined me to only part of the field, to bond and stock markets. In fact, I wasn’t diversified at all.


Using a market-based portfolio, I was so preoccupied with embracing risk to grow assets that I completely missed the importance of securing long-term income by seeing all of the available pieces and how they fit together. Of course, the aging process encourages one to make this leap (best made while you are still fairly young), but only if accompanied by the desire and opportunity to obtain more education, and, especially, from people who are thinking outside the traditional boxes. Kerry and Kirk served that role for me. They offered the patience (I am a slow learner), passion, knowledge, and research that allowed me to expand my financial horizons and find a much more effective balance between risk and stability.


In short, conversations with Kerry and Kirk changed my financial direction in a significant way. Experience over time has validated their counsel and recommendations. When questions arise, they are always right there. While I don’t always embrace their suggestions, I always think carefully about any suggestions they make, knowing they have my best interests at heart. I very highly recommend their services.

- Jim




“Thank you so much for the financial assistance and the broad financial education that you have given me…What had been a confusing dilemma for me has become much more understandable and manageable….You were able to interpret the language and concepts of the financial world for me and relay those in a clear manner that I understood. I so appreciate how very patient and generous you have been with your time and knowledge…”


- Lynn





“Kirk is laser-focused on helping his clients protect their assets, save for the future, and build long-term wealth. Spend an hour with Kirk to learn about his strategies-- you won't regret it!”


- Dave





“…he applies his practical expertise to common problems and can break it down in a way that I understand…he educates and empowers the consumer…. My only complaint is I wish I had known him a few decades earlier...”


- Mark





“The essence of knowledge, integrity, professionalism and competence…”


- Gary and Maddy





“I would highly recommend a meeting with Kirk to anyone interested in their financial future. Not only is Kirk easy to understand, he will educate you with his incredible knowledge and experience. Kirk has helped shape the future for my family and I strongly suggest you let him help shape yours.”


- Jim





“There is no one more knowledgeable and informed than Kirk Shamberger when it comes to financial matters. He has a passion for information that he gladly shares with whoever is willing to receive it...I recommend him highly to anyone who would like to be exposed to a methodical approach of taking responsibility for your financial equation.”


- Corey





“Kirk is the ultimate professional. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and CREATIVE. Kirk takes a problem-solving approach and teaches lifelong lessons rather than selling products. He always puts the best interest of his clients first. Thanks Kirk!”


- Mike





“Kirk’s primary focus is not about making money, but about protecting and increasing the wealth of his clients. He does this through education, as he believes that you cannot make sound financial decisions without all of the information.”


- Brian




“Kirk is the most knowledgeable and straight-talking financial person I know. He is informed far beyond the headlines and sexy schemes of the moment. It is amazing how many trends he pointed to years ago that we are seeing in the headlines today...”


- Markey





“…I had a very fragmented approach to investing and little overall financial security… By taking a step back to look at our finances on more global scale, we have come up with an overall plan where retirement, college funding, insurance, etc. are all inter-related and secure. I always look forward to our meetings with Kirk as they are always thought provoking and educational….”


- Oliver







"I am honored to write a letter of recommendation to help differentiate you from mainstream financial professionals. When we first started talking, I was very skeptical. I grew up in a fiscally-conservative household, and I thought I had a solid, though basic, understanding of what it meant to save for retirement. I had learned a lot from my small-business-owning father, learned a great deal from talking to various professionals, and thought I just needed to get more disciplined at doing what mainstream financial advisors and planners always say we should do.


You asked that I give you an opportunity to show me and my husband how your work could benefit us. There was no pressure to buy into the latest and greatest investment funds. You emphasized education, facts, and resources. Your approach helped us feel more comfortable talking and learning about retirement, money management, and long-term financial planning (or as you might say “financial engineering”). We completely understood every move that we elected to make with you, and we look forward to meeting with you in years to come as we update our long-term plan. We are so grateful that we found you and took the time to meet with and learn from you."


- Lara



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